SucceX- RACE VTX 25mW Non-adjustable

SucceX- RACE VTX 25mW Non-adjustable

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- Integrate VTX with LED control module

- Separate frequency button for easy switching

The LED light strip follows the frequency change, which means more intuitive status reading.

- Double mounting holes: 30.5*30.5mm / 20*20mm

- Plug and play. No need to solder tiny wires.

- Fixed transmitting power


- Item: SucceX- RACE VTX

- Input voltage: DC 7-26V

- Volts input: 2-6S

- LED lamp output voltage 5V, current 2A

- Fixed transmitting power: 25mW

Antenna connector: MMXC

- VTX input connector: SH0.8 4P

- LED connector: SH0.8 3P

VTX instructions:

1. Adjust the frequency table: short press CH button to switch the frequency table, and change the color of the LED light strip

2. PIT mode: long press CH button for 3 seconds to enter the PIT mode. In the PIT mode, long press for 3 seconds to exit the PIT mode.

2. When using the flight control OSD to adjust the VTX, the CH button will be invalid. If you need to use the CH button to adjust the VTX, please close the serial port protocol of the flight controller to connect to the RX of VTX, or the  RX connector does not connect to the flight controller.

Package included:

- SucceX- RACE VTX  x 1pc

Note: Light strips need to be ordered separately.

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