Fullsend 6S 1050mAh 130C Battery

Fullsend 6S 1050mAh 130C Battery - XT60H


The Fullsend Lipo batteries offer the best bang for your buck! These batteries have an awesome performance with 130C discharge capability and cost a fraction of most other batteries on the market. High-quality cells ensure even delivery of power with minimal voltage sag under heavy loads.

Each Fullsend battery is individually QC checked at the factory, ensuring you get the best performing battery out of the box. The Fuulsend battery design features an all black shrink cover, black XT60 connector and black balance connector for a sleek stealth look. Guaranteed to look good on any aircraft.


High 130C discharge rating

Quality grade-A cells

All black design


Compact Size


Size: 35*38*78mm

Weight: 181.3g


Voltage: 22.2V

Connector: Amass XT60H

Packing List

1 x FULLSEND 6S1P 1050mAh 130C Lipo Battery - XT60

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