TITAN LH5 Freestyle FPV Frame Kit

TITAN LH5 Freestyle FPV Frame Kit

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The TITAN LH5  was designed for freestyle flying . It is also suited for a 5-inch propeller power system and flight controllers. With the 5-inch propeller power system, users have ensured a super great flying experience. Soft TPU material helps to protect the camera and antenna in the event of a crash.

This TITAN LH5 stands for super-low which refers to the short standoffs and low top plate resulting in a "slammed" frame. Many pilots like the really low CG that slammed builds provide, but building them is usually a bit more complex due to the wiring requirements.

You are able to mount 20x20mm and 30.5x30.5mm stacks in the front, VTX in the rear! 


- Popular H style configuration, prop in View

Easy-Swap arms

Fits both 30.5x and 20x stacks

- Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe with chamfered arm

- 249mm wheelbase, weight: 145.9g with TPU parts


- Weight: 145.9 (with TPU parts, and battery anti-slip pads)

- Wheelbase: 249mm

- Main body dimension: 201*147mm

- Bottom to top distance: 16mm

- Arm thickness: 6mm

- Bottom plate thickness: 3mm

- Top plate thickness: 3mm

- Upper plate thickness: 3mm

- Mounting Holes: 30.5*30.5mm

- Support camera size: 14*14mm

- Recommended motors: 22xx, 23xx

Package included:

-1 x TITAN LH5 Freestyle Frame

-1 x Screw Bag

-1 x TPU Camera mount adapters

-4 x Arm guard/Motor mount

-1 x TPU bottom plate front protective mount

-1 x TPU bottom plate rear protective mount

-1 x Battery Anti-slip Mat

-2 x Battery Straps

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