GM4108H-120T Gimbal Motor

GM4108H-120T Gimbal Motor


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Model: GM4108H

Motor Out Diameter: Ф47±0.05mm

Motor Height: 22.7.3±0.2mm

Hollow Shaft(OD): Ф10-0.008/-0.012mm

Hollow Shaft(ID): 8+0.05/0mm

Wire Length: 265±3mm

Cable AWG: #24

Motor Weight: 124±0.5g

Wire plug: 2.5mm dupont connector

No-load current: 20V

No-load volts: 0.07±0.1A

No-load Rpm: 513~567 RPM

Load current: 20V

Load volts: 1.5A

Load torque(g): 1200-1800

Motor internal resistance: 11.1Ω±5%(Resistance varies with temperature)

High voltage test: DC500V [email protected]

Rotor housing runout: ≤0.1mm

Steering (axle extension): Clockwise

High-low temperature test:

High temperature:Keep at 60℃ for 100 hours, and the motor can wor knormally after 24 hours at room temperature

Low temperature:Keep at -20℃ for 100 hours, and the motor can work normally after 24 hours at room temperature

Maximum power: ≤25W

Working current: 3-5S

Working temperature: -20~60℃;10~90%RH

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1 x iPower GM4108H-120T Gimbal Motor

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