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GM3506 Combo Set

GM3506 Combo Set

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The controller can be used for building high-quality 3-axis camera stabilizing systems which can be mounted to UAV and for building handheld camera stabilizers. This version of the controller is our new direction in the development of stabilizing solutions. It will replace the previous 8-bit version of the SimpleBGC controller, keeping 100% back-compatibility, but adding the new functionality.


Size of the board: 50×50 mm

Distance between the mounting holes: 45 mm

Diameter of the mounting holes: 3 mm

Power supply voltage: 3S to 6S

Maximum motor current: 1,5 A

5V output current to power external devices: up to 1 A


Model NO.: GM3506

Weight: 72g

Motor Dimensions: 40*17.8mm

Stator Dimensions: 35x6mm

Copper wire(OD): 0.21mm

Configuration: 24N22P

Resistance: 5.57Ω±5% mΩ

Pre-wounded: with 130 turns,3.17mm shaft

Camera range: 200-500g grams

Non-load Voltage: 16V

Current: 0.17±0.1 A

Rotational Speed: 2149~2375 RPM

Torque: 600-1000 G.Cm

Packing List

3 x GM3506 Gimbal Motor

1 x Alexmos 32BIT SimpleBGC set

1 x Connecting cables set

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