BLITZ Mini F7 Flight Controller

BLITZ Mini F7 Flight Controller

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Product Description

Top Features:

- BlackBox: 16MB

- DJI Air Unit Plug-and-Play. No need to solder tiny wires.

- BAT, +5V, 3.3, Start indicator

- With LC filter.


- MCU:STM32 F722

- Gyro:MPU6000

- Baro: NO

- Betaflight OSD:IFLIGHT OSD (AT7456E)

- Blackbox:16MB

- 5 X Uarts

- UART1 for VTX HD/Analog

- UART2 for  Receiver

- UART3、UART4 for GPS or 0ther sensors that require a serial port

- UART6 for ESC Telemetry

- 4×Dshot/PWMoutputs 

- 1×I2C    

-1 xSH1.0 9pin connector for HD VTX/Analog VTX&CAM (5V/BAT/G/VO/T1/R1 /5V/G/VI)

- 1 xSH1.0 8pin connector for ESC(R6/CUR/M4/M3/M2/M1/BAT/G)

- 1xSH1.0 6pin connector for Any Receiver or DJI(3V3/R2i/5V /G/R2/T2)

- 1xSH1.0 4Pin  connector GPS (T4/R4/G/5V)

- 1xSH1.0 4Pin connector LED&Beeper (BUZ/LED/G/5V)

- Smartaudio&IRCTramp  VTX protocol supported

- WS2812ledStrip:Yes

- Bepper:Yes

- Firmware: IFRC-BASEF4 4.X.X

- Mounting:20*20mm/φ4

- Dimensions:30.5*27mm

- Weight:5.0g

Package included:

1pc x BLITZ Mini F7 Flight Controller

1set x Wire harness

NOTE: F.PORT protocol RX input support, telemetry not supported.

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