32Bit AlexMos Simple BGC Board Encoder Version

32Bit AlexMos Simple BGC Board Encoder Version

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Encoders in the SimpleBGC project
Using encoders with SimpleBGC board gives the following advantages:
1. Prevents motors from losing synchronization and skipping steps.
2. Provides the information about frame angle and angle of the camera relative to the frame, that can be
important for some kind of applications.
3. Can significantly decrease power consumption by using field-oriented control strategy to drive
4. Increases instant torque in the same way.
5. Provides possibility to get information about the camera balance and makes automatic balancing
(with help of extra DC servomotors and moving counterweights).
6. Option to adjust the camera position by hands.
7. Increase the precision of stabilization by applying for FOC-specific compensations.
Despite the implementation of some new features is still in progress, encoders now give completely new
feel of operating the system, and recommended to use in the professional-grade products.
List of supported encoders
AMT203 – absolute (capacitive technology) 12bit, SPI communication
AS5048A, B – absolute (magnetic) 14bit, PWM, I2C or SPI communication, not assembled.
MA3 – absolute (magnetic) 10-12bit, assembled. PWM communication.
Analog – potentiometer or any other type where the analog output is proportional to the angle
AS5600** – absolute magnetic encoder with Analog, PWM or I2C interface
SBGC32_I2C_Drv expansion board – acts as an external motor driver combined with encoder interface,
controlled by an I2C bus. Seehttp://www.basecamelectronics.com/sbgc32_i2c_drv/ for details.
Type of encoder can be selected during the tuning process in the GUI.
There is no big difference between 12bit and 14bit resolution because encoders are not used in the
closed-loop PID controller, so high resolution is not strictly required. But ABSOLUTE angular error should
be as low as possible, especially with the big number of poles.
Package Included:
1 * 32Bit AlexMos Simple BGC Board Encoder Version without Aluminium Case

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