AlexMos 32 BIT BGC with GM110-10 Gimbal Motor System Combo

AlexMos 32 BIT BGC with GM110-10 Gimbal Motor System Combo

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The controller can be used for building high-quality 3-axis camera stabilizing systems which can be mounted to UAV and for building handheld camera stabilizers. This version of the controller is our new direction in the development of stabilizing solutions. It will replace the previous 8-bit version of the SimpleBGC controller, keeping 100% back-compatibility, but adding the new functionality.


-Size of the board: 50×50 mm

-The distance between the mounting holes: 45 mm

-The diameter of the mounting holes: 3 mm

-Power supply voltage: 3S to 6S

-Maximum motor current: 1,5 A

-5V output current to power external devices: up to 1 A

GM110-10 Gimbal Motor 

The principle of the camera stabilization using brushless direct-drive motors, In fact, gimbal based on BLDC motors is very similar to regular gimbal based on hobby servo.

Special designed for SLR aerial and Z axis DIY Parts

-Sealed Case to prevent contamination by dust and dirt.
-Hollow shaft for slipring
-Configuration: 36N42P ,prove more torque.


Model No.:GM110-10

Weight: 558.6g


RPM: 334~370 RPM

Torque (g): 9800-12000

Voltage (V): 20V

Cunnrent (A):2

Configuration: 36N42P

Winding Turns: 0.4*1-35T

Resistance(Ω): 5.57Ω±5%

Hollow Shaft Diameter (mm): 22

Package included: 
- 3pcs x GM110-10 brushless gimbal motor
- 1 x Alexmos 32BIT BGC set without alum case

- 1 x  Connecting cables set

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