iPower Gimbal Brushless motor GBM2804H-100T

iPower Gimbal Brushless motor GBM2804H-100T

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Product Description

The GBM2804H-100T motor by iPower Motors are the ultimate brushless gimbal motor for GoPro Cameras.This motor is designed for small multi-rotor platforms looking to lift GoPro sized gear – 0.5-1KG/cm Torque.The principle of the camera stabilization using brushless direct drive motors In fact, gimbal based on BLDC motors is very similar to regular gimbal based on hobby servo.


  • Model No.:GBM2804H-100T
  • Weight:41.5g
  • Motor Diamension:35mm*hgt15mm
  • Stator Diameter:DIa 28mm*hgt 4mm
  • Copper Wire(OD):0.19mm
  • Configuration:12N14P
  • Resistance:11.2ohms
  • Base center pitch:16mm 19mm
  • Pre-wound: with 100 turns hollow shaft
  • Camera range(Torque):200g-400g
  • Test Voltage:11.1V
  • Max Voltage:14.8v
  • Test Current:0.0099A
  • Max Current:5A
  • Test Rotational Speed:1637 rpm
  • Max Rotational Speed:2180rpm

Package included:

  • 1pcs GBM2804H-100t