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ProTek60 Pro 6inch Cinelifter Frame Kit

Almost as if it came out of the "honey, I shrunk the kids" movie from 1989. Things are getting big!Let's introduce our latest member to our ProTek family, the all-new iFlight ProTek60 Cinelifter!We've came a long way with action cameras, offering outstanding quality with little weight and a small footprint. But do you want to get professional or sh..


Taurus X8 8 inch Cinelifter Frame Kit - DJI/Analog

Let's introduce our new iFlight Taurus X8, our heavy-duty gear to lift those big cams!Engineered with professionals for professionals, a BNF that's aimed for carrying big payloads offering a soft-damped universal platform for DSLR or cinema cameras (Red Komodo, Zcam, BMPCC,  etc) ready for DJI's FPV HD transmission system or any analog VT..


XING2 3110 FPV Cinelifter Motor

Our XING series NextGen motors have become popular after the initial release in 2018 and became the new standard on the market. Was it the curved shape or the internal damping ring to protect the bearing, or was it the higher quality NSK bearings coupled with a higher grade titanium alloy shaft? We've been copied and compared all these years, but n..

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