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BumbleBee HD V3 CineWhoop - BNF

Note: R81-SPI Frsky  (Compatible with Frsky ACCST D8)The iFlight BumbleBee HD V3 BNF features the amazing CaddX Polar Digital HD System which makes flying truly breathtaking. The whole frame was reduced to a minimum size and weight. We came up with a 145mm diagonal motor distance for our new V3 to fit th..


BumbleBeeV3 HD CineWhoop Frame

The iFlight BumbleBee HD V3 BNF features the amazing DJI digital FPV system which makes flying truly breathtaking. With the 720p 120fps video in your Goggles, DJI has set the bar at a new high for clarity and image quality in FPV experience. The whole frame was reduced to a minimum size and weight. We came up with a 14..


BumbleBee HD V3 Ducts 27mm Height (EVA Sponge is optional)

Brand new lightweight Polycarbonate duct profile for minimum disturbance to channel thrust and efficiency. Color: YellowDuct and EVA Sponge Height: 27mmFit for BumbleBee HD V3.0 ONLYSpecial designed EVA Sponge for BumbleBee V3.0, easy to assemble and the DJI Air Unit directly.Package included: 1set x BumbleBee Ducts (EVA Sp..


GoPro TPU Bottom Stand for ProTek25 ProTek35/XL5/SL5/DC5/BumbleBee/Green Hornet (1set)

Compatible with BumbleBee, Green Hornet, TITAN XL5, SL5, SL5-E, XL5 V4(Nazgul5), TITAN DC5,Chimera7 , Protek25 ProTek35 Frame.Color: blackPackage included:1set x  TPU GoPro Mount Stand (as you selected)..


Green Hornet V3 /BumbleBee V3 Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Green Hornet V3 / BumbleBee V3- Bottom plate thickness: 2.5mm- Top plate thickness: 2mm- T700 Quality Carbon- Lightweight one-piece frame design Package included:As you selected...

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