SucceX Micro F4 V1.5 12A 2-4S Flight Tower System (MPU6000)

SucceX Micro F4 V1.5 12A 2-4S Flight Tower System (MPU6000)

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Product Description

SucceX F4 Flight Controller (V1.5)


-Input voltage 2-4S LIPO

-Gyro: MPU6000

-2x UART ports

-4x motor outputs

-Betaflight OSD :YES

-Blackbox FLASH: 8MB

-BEC 5V 2.5A cont.

-Size: 21mm*21mm

-Mounting holes distance: 16*16mm

-Weight: 2.5g

-Firmware: IFLIGHT_F411_PRO

F.PORT protocol RX input support, telemetry not supported.

SucceX Micro 12A 4-in-1 ESC(w/plug)

-Firmware: G-H-30 BLS 16.7 


-Input voltage : 2-4S LIPO

-Continuous current: 12A

-MCU: BB21F16G


-ESC protocol: pwm, oneshot125, multishot, dshot150, 300, 600, etc.

-Size: 23mm*21mm

-Mounting hole 16*16mm

-Weight: 2.7g

5.8G 200mW Micro VTX

-Power: PIT/25/100/200mW

-Antenna interface: IPEX (UFL)

-VTX protocol : IRC Tramp

-Size: 17mm*27mm

-Mounting holes: 16*16mm

-Weight: 1.6g

Package Included:

1 x SucceX Micro F4 Flight controller (M3 hole)

1 x SucceX Micro 12A Brushless ESC (M3 hole)

1 x PIT/25/100/200mW VTX (M3 hole)

Replacement parts:

Replacement 4 in1 ESC

Replacement 200mw VTX

NOTE: ESC V1.5 is compatible with V1.3

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