Battery Straps 20x450mm Kevlar Black (5pcs)

Battery Straps 20x450mm Kevlar Black (5pcs)

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Product Description

The iFlight branded Kevlar Sewing Lipo Strap is rubberized on the side facing the lipo which ensures the lipo can't slip out, even without any additional hook and loop adhesive applied to the lipo and frame.

In our opinion, these are by far the best performing lipo straps that secure your lipo and enable a quick lipo change.

These straps are 450mm long and 20mm wide.


Kevlar Sewing Lipo Strap

- Metal Buckle

- Non-slip grip

- Nicer looking logo

- Long enough 20x450mm for bigger batteries like X-Class quad batteries (3000mAh or similar size)

- Widely used in other RC models or fix other big things


Brand Name: iFlight

Item Name: Battery Strap

Length: 450mm

Width: 20mm

Color: Black

Weight: 8g

Package Included:

5pcs x 20x450mm Battery Straps

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