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Programmable RGB 5 LED lights (4pcs)

The led board has 5 super bright RBG LEDs, which can be installed as RGB LED Tail Light, arms, or other Betaflight LED addressable boards. The LEDs need 5v, ground and a signal source in order to work.The layout of the PCB board keeps wiring clean and neat with a 3 pin plug, it will make it easy to change out in case of a crash. It is pro..


RGB 10 LED 3535 Multi-Colors Race Wire (4pcs)

The traditional race wires prevent damage to wires or even propeller strikes from dropping you out of the air, while also making motor swaps super fast and easy without the need to open up your quad to access your 4in1 ESC or AIO board. that is a kind of progress of professional development. However, there’s still an extra soldering job needed to b..


SucceX 2-8S PDB w/ 5V/12V BEC

The Succex Power distribution board is designed for high voltage and high current applications. It consists of 2+2+3+3 layers of heavy copper to sustain maximum current demand. This PDB can sustain up to a maximum total 330A. Also features 12V 3Amp and 5V 3Amp regulators with a maximum of 8S (36V) input. In addition, it can also collect the si..


Micro 2-8S BEC - 5V/12V Output

The iFlight Micro BEC features step-down switch mode, high-efficiency synchronous rectification, and the ability to step down from an input voltage of up to 36V to a low output stable voltage, which makes it ideal for step-down voltage applications.It offers a very compact solution to achieve 2A/3A output current over a wide input supply voltage (5..


BumbleBee HD Type C 90° Connector

BumbleBee HD Type C 90° Connector SPECIFICATIONSType C to Type C INCLUDES1pcs x BumbleBee HD Type C 90° Connector ..


Led Lights w/48V to 12V DC converter for iXC13 iXC15 (1set)

LED Light Specs:Power: 10wVoltage: 12VCurrent: 900MABrightness: 100LMcob luminous surface: 162 * 10mmCOB size: 200 * 10 * 2.3mm (board thickness: 1.5mm)Material: Aluminum substrate88 chipsColor temperature: warm white 3000K, red 620nm, blue 465nmFit for iXC15 iXC13 X-CLASS FPV FRAMEDC CONVERTER spec:DC-DC CONVERTERIN:36V48V(20V-60V)OUT:12V 10APacka..


SucceX Practice Soldering Board (4pcs)

Always worried about poor soldering and wasting expensive electronics? Well, Here it is the SucceX Practice Soldering Board , which will help steady that hand and give you perfect solder jobs in no time! The Practice Soldering Board replicates almost every common type of solder joint in the FPV world. You can practice tiny pin and pad sol..


UFL to SMA Female Adapter Cable (pair)

UFL to SMA Female Adapter Cable (pair)Total Length: 90mmFit for BumbleBee /Green HornetAnalog version DRONEPackage inclued:2pcs x UFL to SMA Female Adapter Cable..


UNICON UPL 50V 220UF Capacitors (5pcs)

UNICON UPL 50V 220UF Capacitors (5pcs)Capacitance:220uFVoltage: 50VMaximum Voltage: 160V / 125°CTemperature: -55+125°CSize: 10x12mmFeatures:Long life, low impedanceUsage: Main board, electric meter, high frequency switching power supply, power negative control power supply, etc.Battery usage and recommended capacitor Voltage number recomm..


iFlight LC Filter Module 2A 3A

In the quadcopter, Motors and ESCs can generate noise which can affect your FPV video quality. This compact and effective LC type filter uses large value inductor and capacitor components,  designed to clean a noisy DC power supply which often causes lines in wireless video images.The most common signs of noise are disturbing lines appearing a..


6 Pins Port cable for DJI Air Unit (5pcs)

It is used beteween the AIR UNIT and SucceX-D flight controller.Fit for SucceX-D F7 and SucceX-D mini F7 Length: 90mm (with plugs), wire length: 80mmDouble-ended 1.25-1.0mm terminal linePackage included:5pcs x 6 Pins Port cable for DJI Air Unit  (5pcs)NOTE: THE AIR UNIT AND FLIGHT CONTROLLER DO NOT INCLUDE...


Rubycon 50v 470uf 10x20mm Capacitors (10pcs)

Rubycon 50v 470uf 10x20mm Capacitors  (10pcs)Capacitance:470uFVoltage: 50VTemperature: -40-+105°CTolerance:+/-20%(120MHZ,+20°C)Size: 10x22mmPackage included:10pcs x  50v 470uf  Capacitors ..


3-6S Micro 5V 2A BEC

This micro-sized step-down voltage regulator is perfect for supplying 12v power (from a higher voltage source like 4S or 5S, even 6S Lipo) to your FPV gear that needs specifically 5V Range.  Power 5V flight cameras, LED lights or other gear that can only run on 5V.The compact (14.5*6.6*2.6mm) size step-down voltage regulator takes an input vol..


LED Strip Smart Controller Board

- Supports (4) Ultra Bright LED Strip- Incredibly Compact & Easy To Install- Fully Adjustable Color & LED Light Pattern- Brightness Adjustable for Maximum LED Control- Transmitter & Button Based Setup for Maximum Flexibility- Power in: 2S-6S- Size: 25.3*19*5.5mmPackage Included:1pc x LED Strip Smart Controller Board..

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Rubber Vibration Damping Pad for F3/F4 Flight Controller (12pcs)

In order to reduce the connection between the flight control and quadcopter frame, after a long test, this specifically designed damping pad which use excellent ultra-soft while tough rubber material, easy to install. On the shock-absorbing effect can be significant. High-frequency vibrations transmitted to the vehicle abatement head..


M2/M3 Rubber Damping Ball for F4 / F7 32K Flight Control (40pcs)

Help to reduce the sensitiveness of flight control effectively, it is must-have for pilots who pursuit for the extreme racing experience.Compatible for latest F4 and F7 32bt flight control.Attention: Not suitable for F4 with OSD 8K Flight ControlM2: black onlyM3: black, yellow, purpleMateial: Silicone RubberPackage Included:40pcs* M2/ M3 Dampe..

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