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Nazgul 5140 Tri-blades CW CCW Propellers (3sets/6 pairs)

Brand Name: iFlightItem Name: 5140 5 Inch Durable 3-Blades Propeller Model: Nazgul 5140Blades: 3 bladesMaterial: polycarbonateMounting: 5mm center hole Color: Transparent Grey, Transparent blue, Transparent red Quantity: 2pair/bag Total: 6 CW & 6 CCWPackage Included:6pcs x Nazgul 5140 Propeller CW6pcs x Nazgul 5140..


Nazgul Cine 3040 Tri-blade Prop CW CCW (3sets/6paris)

Item Name: 3040 3 Inch Durable 3-Blades Propeller Model: Nazgul Cine 3040Blades: 3 bladesMaterial: polycarbonateMounting: 5mm center hole Color: Transparent Grey, white, Transparent blueQuantity: 2pairs/bag Total: 6 CW & 6 CCWPackage Included:6pcs x Nazgul Cine 3040 Propeller CW6pcs x Nazgul Cine 3040 Pro..


Nazgul T3020 Propellers CW CCW (3sets/6pairs)

Item Name: Nazgul T3020 3 inch Durable 2-Blades Propeller Model: Nazgul T3020Blades: 2 bladesMaterial: polycarbonateMounting: 1.5mm center hole Color: Transparent red, Transparent green, Transparent greyQuantity: 2pair/bag Total: 6 CW & 6 CCWHub Thickness: 5mmPackage Included:6pcs x Nazgul T3020 Propeller CW6pcs x&..


HQProp T2X2.5X3 Tri-Blades Propellers (3sets/6pairs)

HQProp T2X2.5X3 Tri-Blades Propellers (3set)Color: Black and transparent purpleFeature:Propeller Diameter: 2 inchPitch: 2.5  Blades : 3Material: Poly Carbonate  Fits for CineBee 4K whoop FPV dronePackage included:6pcs x HQProp T2X2.5X3 Tri-Blades Propellers CW6pcs x HQProp T2X2.5X3 Tri-Blades Propellers CCW..


HQ 31mmx3 1mm Ahaft Props CW CCW (3sets)

Brand name: HQPropPropeller Diameter : 1.22 inch(31mm)    Pitch : 1                              Blades : 3Material : Poly Carbonate       Hub Diameter :5mm         Hub Thickness : 5mm       ..


HQ 65mm 3-blades Propellers CW CWW (3sets/6pairs)

Propeller Diameter: 65MM       Pitch : 1.5                               Blades : 2       Material : Poly Carbonate           Weight :0.8gHub Diameter : 9.8mm           H..


EMAX AVAN Rush 2.5 inch Prop(3sets/ 6 pairs)

AVAN Rush 2.5 inch propGeometry:2.5 inch diameter1.9 inch pitch3 bladesColor: Transparent BlackInertial Properties:weight: 1.4 gramsMoment of Inertia: 1.24 g*cm^22 pairs / bag, total 3 bagsPackage included:6pcs x 2.5 inch Prop CW6pcs x 2.5 inch Prop CCW..


HQProp T2X2X4 Propeller CW CCW (3sets/6pairs)

Propeller Diameter: 2 inch       Pitch : 2       Blades : 4Material : Poly Carbonate         Weight : 0.8gHub Diameter : 9.8mm          Hub Thickness:4.2mm        Shaft :1.9/1.4/1.9mm Adaptor Rings : NOColor: BlackPackage inc..


HQ 7X4X3 3-Blade Prop CW & CCW (3sets/6pairs)

Brand:HQPropeller Diameter: 7 inchPitch : 4Blades : 3Material : Poly CarbonateWeight : 9gColor:grey2 pairs / bag, total 6 pairs / pack Package Included:6pcs x 7040 propeller CW6pcs x 7040 propeller CCW..


HQProp 7X4.5 CW & CCW Props Grey (3sets/6pairs)

HQProp 7X4.5 CW & CCW Props ( 3sets)Specification:Brand:HQProduct Name: HQ Prop 7045Propeller Diameter: 7 inchPitch : 5mmBlades : 2Material : Poly CarbonateColor: Transparent Grey2 pairs / bag, total 3 bagsPackage included:6 pcs x 7X4.5 CW6 pcs x 7X4.5 CCWNOTE: propeller only, motor does not included...


HQPROP Macroquad Prop 9X5X3 CW CCW (4PCS/2pairs)

HQPROP X-class Prop 9X5X3 (CCW CW) Black-carbon Reinforced NylonPropeller Diameter: 9 inch      Pitch: 5Blades : 3Material: Black-carbon Reinforced Nylon        Weight: 17.4g/pcHub Diameter: 199mm         Shaft: 5mmAdaptor Rings: yesPackage included:2pcs x HQPROP X-class Pro..


HQPROP X-class Prop 13X12X3 CCW CW (4pcs/2pairs)

HQPROP X-class Prop 13X12X3(CCW CW) Black-carbon Reinforced NylonPropeller Diameter: 13 inch      Pitch: 12  Blades : 3Material: Black-carbon Reinforced Nylon        Weight: 49.8g/pcHub Diameter: 286mm         Shaft: 6mmAdaptor Rings: yesPackage included:2pcs x HQPROP X..


Gemfan 40mm 1mm 4-blades Propellers CW CCW (6sets/12pairs)

Item name: Gemfan 40mm 1636 4-blades propellers CW CCWInner diameter: 1.0mm Shaft.Weight: 1g/pairColor: transparent red / transparent blueSmaller inertia and more power violence.It is perfect for around 80mm brushless indoor drones.Package included:12pcs x 40mm 1mm propellers CW12pcs x 40mm 1mm propellers CCW..


DALPROP T7056C 3-blade Propeller (2sets/4pairs)

Dalprop high-end CYCLONE series, features faster reaction, easier cornering, and less noise, excellent aerodynamics design make it best for drone racing. All rights reserved by Dalprop, 5mm inner diameter, more durable, survive from crashesSPECS:-Item name: DUAL PROP T7056C-Material: PC-Color: Transparent-Weight: 7.5g-The inner diameter (Prop mount..


Emax AVAN Micro 2327 2 Inch 3-blade Propeller (3sets/6pairs)

The EMAX AVAN micro was designed to take your micro to the furthest limits.Made for high speed and ultimate control, a 2-inch quad blade prop designed to push your micros past 70 mph. Perfect match for an 11xx motor around 4500-6500kv with 2-4s lipo batteries. Produced with a special blend of PC with a strong root design to be very durable.Spe..

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