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Nazgul Cine 3040 Tri-blade Prop CW CCW (3sets/6paris)

Item Name: 3040 3 Inch Durable 3-Blades Propeller Model: Nazgul Cine 3040Blades: 3 bladesMaterial: polycarbonateMounting: 5mm center hole Color: Transparent Grey, white, Transparent blueQuantity: 2pairs/bag Total: 6 CW & 6 CCWPackage Included:6pcs x Nazgul Cine 3040 Propeller CW6pcs x Nazgul Cine 3040 Pro..


Nazgul T3020 Propellers CW CCW (3sets/6pairs)

Item Name: Nazgul T3020 3 inch Durable 2-Blades Propeller Model: Nazgul T3020Blades: 2 bladesMaterial: polycarbonateMounting: 1.5mm center hole Color: Transparent red, Transparent green, Transparent greyQuantity: 2pair/bag Total: 6 CW & 6 CCWHub Thickness: 5mmPackage Included:6pcs x Nazgul T3020 Propeller CW6pcs x&..


EMAX AVAN Rush 2.5 inch Prop(3sets/ 6 pairs)

AVAN Rush 2.5 inch propGeometry:2.5 inch diameter1.9 inch pitch3 bladesColor: Transparent BlackInertial Properties:weight: 1.4 gramsMoment of Inertia: 1.24 g*cm^22 pairs / bag, total 3 bagsPackage included:6pcs x 2.5 inch Prop CW6pcs x 2.5 inch Prop CCW..

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