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Green Hornet CineWhoop Frame

Features:- T700 Quality Carbon (40% more tensile strength compared to common 3K carbon)- Lightweight one-piece frame design (Less flexibility, more Rigid, more Durable)- Low Resonance frame construction (Less Jello, more Cinematic)- Bumper prop guards to protect the sensitive environment or yourselfGreen Hornet Specs:- Wheelbase: 142mm- Bottom plat..


BumbleBee V1.3 CineWhoop Frame w/27mm duct

What if you take our popular MegaBee frame and optimize it in every detail? You get the BumbleBee!The whole was frame reduced to a minimum size, minimum weight, achieved a 142mm diagonal motor distance and even fit the DJI Air Unit inside.We've also added a new bumper approach in cooperation with Laurent Athenol (Frame-Concept).Small space? Tight g..


TITAN DC2 HD Whoop Frame

Features:Less than 250grams included 4S 450mAh batteryNo Props or frame in view!Low Resonance frame construction (Less Jello, more Cinematic)DJI FPV Air Unit 720p 120fps FPV feed (record in 1080p/60fps)Butter smooth XING1404 4SDuct prop guards to protect the sensitive environment or yourselfSpecification:Wheelbase: 122mmBottom plate thickness: 3mmT..


MegaBee V2.1 3 inches FPV Whoop Frame Kit w/GoPro 7 TPU Mount

MegaBee V1 vs MegaBee V2.1:-Wheelbase: 156mm vs 146mm-Standoffs:6pcs vs 8pcs-Ducts: Mounting holes outside vs Mounting holes inside-Bottom plate: Without strength brace bar vs With strength brace bar-Top plate: long vs shorterFeatures:- Lightweight frame that can take some hits- Prop guards to protect the sensitive environment o..

$59.99 $75.99

MegaBee HD (V2.1) FPV Cinewhoop Frame for DJI Air Unit

The MegaBee HD Frame was designed for the DJI Digital FPV System. It is also suited for a 3-inch propeller power system and flight controllers. The MegaBee HD Frame design makes installation and maintenance easy.With the 3-inch propeller power system, users are ensured a super great flying experience. Soft TPU material helps to protect the camera a..

$63.99 $79.99
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