SucceX Micro Force 5.8GHz 300mW VTX Adjustable

SucceX Micro Force 5.8GHz 300mW VTX Adjustable

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Small size but big power! The iFlight Micro Force is the VTX you need for your next Micro build. Small enough to fit into smallest frames, but enough power to get some signal through some of those dense trees. Switchable from 25mW up to 300mW with excellent Power output stability. PIT mode also allows you to power up your quad with pilots nearby without stomping on their frequency. 


VTX is set to 25mW by default! Power levels above 25mW require a HAM license or have to be approved by local authorities! Please ensure you're flying legal frequencies and use our prepared Betaflight VTX tables according to your region.

5.8GHz SucceX Micro 300mW VTX

-Power: PIT/25/100/200mW/300mW

-Antenna interface: IPEX (UFL)

-VTX protocol : IRC Tramp

-Mounting hole: 16*16mm, 3mm hole

-Weight: 2.4g

Package includes:

1 x Force Micro VTX

1 set of wires

1 x Whip antenna

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