GBM2804R Gimbal Motor with AS5048A Encoder

GBM2804R Gimbal Motor with AS5048A Encoder

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Model No.:GBM2804R



Torque (g):250-350

Voltage (V):10V

Cunnrent (A):0.07


Winding Turns:0.19*1-100T


Hollow Shaft Diameter (mm):6.5

​AS5048A Encoder Features

360° contactless angle position sensor   

Standard SPI or high speed IC interface and PWM  

Simple programmable zero position via SPI or IC command   

 No programmer needed 

 14-bit full scale resolution 0.0219°/LSB   

 Angle accuracy 0.05°after system linearization and averaging  

 Daisy chain capability   

 Tolerant to air gap variations   magnetic field input range: 30mT – 70mT  

 -40°C to +150°C ambient temperature range  

 3.3V / 5V compliant  

 14-pin TSSOP package (5x6.4mm) 

Package included:

1pc x iPower GBM2804R Gimbal Motor

1pc x AS5048A Magnetic Encoder

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