XING NANO X1103 FPV NextGen Motor

XING NANO X1103 FPV NextGen Motor

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After our popular XING motor series, we proudly present our new NANO micro motors!
Super durable and ultra-light Unibody bell with only 3.6g on short wires. 
Whatever frame you put these babys on, you"ll have your mind blown!


- Unibell milled aluminum

- Unique iFlight coating design technology

- 7075 aluminum brushless motor


-Recommended Voltage: 2S-3S

-KV Option: 8000KV/10000KV

-Configuration: 9N12P

-Stator Diameter: 11mm

-Stator Length: 3mm

-Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm

-Weight: 3.6g(with short wires)

Package included:

1pc x MOTOR XING NANO X1103 motor

-4pcs x m2*5 screws

-2pcs x m2*7 screws