AlexMos 32 BIT Extended BGC with GM8112 Combo Set

AlexMos 32 BIT Extended BGC with GM8112 Combo Set

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The GM8112 motor by iPower Motors is the ultimate brushless gimbal motor for Red Epic / Large Cameras. This motor is designed for large scale multi-rotor platforms looking to lift Red Epic & DSLR sized gear – 6KG/cm Torque. The principle of the camera stabilization using brushless direct drive motors, In fact, gimbal based on BLDC motors is very similar to regular gimbal based on hobby servo.


Model No.:GM8112

Weight: 427.7g



Torque (g):6000-9000

Voltage (V):22V

Cunnrent (A):0.1

Configuration: 36N42P

Winding Turns:0.19*1-90T

Resistance(Ω): 4.2Ω±5%

Hollow Shaft Diameter (mm):22

AlexMos 32 BIT Extended BGC:

New Capabilities:

*Built-in Frame IMU

*Current sensor to measure battery power consumption

*CAN-bus to replace I2C for the IMU sensor and other periphery connection

*Dedicated 3x SPI/PWM ports for encoder connection

*Additional I2C port to connect 2nd IMU or encoders

*Built-in sound beeper

*Up to 6s LiPo battery is supported


Size of the board 50×50 mm

The distance between the mounting holes 45 mm

The diameter of the mounting holes 3 mm

Power supply voltage 8-26 V (3s-6s LiPo)

Maximum motor current 1,5 A

5V output current to power external devices up to 1 A

3V output current 150 mA

Package included:

- GM8112x 3pcs

- AlexMos 32 BIT Extended BGC x 1

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