Taurus X8 V3 8 inch Cinelifter Frame Kit

Taurus X8 V3 8 inch Cinelifter Frame Kit

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Let's introduce our new iFlight Taurus X8 V3 BNF, our heavy duty gear to lift those big cams!

2kg maximum payload for a variety of top-mounted cameras and the ability to fine-adjust the stable mount for a perfectly balanced CG (Center of Gravity). The underslung battery acts as a power source as well as a counterweight to strategically slide the weight more front or back to counter camera lenses of different weight or length. The adjustable CNC aluminum mount offers angles from 5 to 35 degrees and can be safely secured for reproducible outcomes. No jello, no jitter, no problem; Our silicon-ball dampened carbon camera base is decoupled from the rest of the frame to reduce the amount of vibration generated by motors and propellers. For the perfect cinematic shot we recommend and additional software stabilization in the post or a hardware module (for example SteadXP).


  • Optimized CG through the adjustable camera and battery mount
  • Stable silicon-ball decoupled camera CNC mount
  • Lightweight Side Panels - Keep Your Rig Clean

Taurus X8 V3 BNF Specs:

  • Top and bottom plate spacing: 20-31mm (aluminum standoff height) 
  • Upper(middle) plate thickness: 3mm
  • Bottom plate thickness: 3mm
  • Motor Mounting: 19x19mm
  • Body Size: 283*283mmmm
  • Top plate thickness: 3mm
  • Arm thickness: 8mm
  • Wheelbase: 400mm

Recommended Parts (not included):

XING2 3110 FPV Cinelifter Motor 1250KV(LINK)

iFlight M8Q-5883-GPS & Compass V2.0 (LINK)

BLITZ E80 4-IN-1 Pro 80A ESC (LINK)

SucceX 80A 2-8S 4in1 *2 (LINK)

HQ 8X4X3 propeller (LINK)

Package included:

- 1 x Taurus X8 V3 Frame (carbon and tooling)

- 1 x CNC Aluminum alloy cam mount

- 4 x 20*300mm battery strap (Black)

- 2 x 20*500mm battery strap (Black)

- 2 x 20*400mm battery strap (Black)

- 1 x DJI Air unit mount TPU

- 2 x Battery Anti-slip pads

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