AOS 7 Frame Kit

AOS 7 Frame Kit


In the Box

  • AOS7 Frame Kit

    AOS7 Frame Kit

    x 1

  • Battery strap

    Battery strap

    x 2

  • Battery pad

    Battery pad

    x 1


We have partnered with Chris Rosser to provide the manufacturing and shipping of his design. This is not an Open source frame and we can not provide files or changes to this frame. With the purchase of this frame, we provide all CF and Hardware for the frame. 

The AOS 7 has been designed from the ground up to deliver the maximum possible flight performance in the 7 inch class. Perfect for fast, dramatic freestyle; chasing fast moving subjects; or super smooth cruising.

As frame size increases frame resonance and vibration become more of a problem. Larger props create more vibration and because they spin more slowly this vibration occurs at lower frequencies. Longer arms exacerbate this problem. The longer the arm the lower its resonant frequency.

To overcome this problem the AOS 7 uses a split arm design to align the carbon fibre in both arm struts with the applied load. This significantly increases the stiffness of the diagonal strut and its associated resonant frequencies. In addition, the AOS 7 builds on the design of the AOS 5.5 by using a wider central section to reduce the unsupported length of each arm.

The result is a 7inch frame with exceptional resonant performance that allows you to run less filtering and higher PID gains. Enjoy a smoother and more responsive flight feel with less propwash, less oscillations and cooler motors.


~230g with all hardware

Designed for 7 inch props

8 mm Arms

2.5 mm Top Plate, Bottom Plate and Sandwich Plates

Up to three 30.5x30.5 mm or 20x20 mm stacks

32x32mm GoPro mounting holes in top plate

Fits the DJI Air Unit or Caddx Vista perfectly

Fits the DJI FPV camera 20*20mm

Recommended motor size 2806.5

Standoffs, frame and motor screws included

Packing List

1x AOS 7 FPV Frame Kit

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